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Leyshon : oak wide engineered flooring
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Whilst retaining the warmth & charm of a solid
oak floor, engineered boards have the following advantages:
  • quicker to lay
  • compatible with under floor heating
  • no risk of shrinkage or distortion end matched.
Available in a choice of widths: 148mm 189mm 220mm, and two different thicknesses 21 mm or 15 mm. The thinner boards have a better heat exchange for under floor heating, without any risk of shrinkage or distortion. 
Boards are supplied with or without an oiled finish, we can give advice and  supply stains and hard wax oils.
These boards are 130mm wide and a choice of 22mm or 14mm thick  with a simple bull nosed moulding. 
Straight forward to fit, they can be laid onto any solid surface by glueing or nailing.

One solid 6 mm strip of oak is cold pressed on to a 15 mm cross-ply laminate to enhance the strength of the floor, with a glue that meets E1 standards.


  • 21mm total thikness with 6 mm oak stripe 54 € per sq meter Vat included
  • 15mm total thikness with 4 mm oak stripe 51 € per sq meter Vat included
All boards are pre sanded tongue, grooved and end matched, so the waste factor is less.
The cold press favours a more stable and stronger bond than hot press, ensuring a long lasting floor resistant to the hardest wear.
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