History : 1975 - 1980


Redbone was touring a lot between 1973 and ‘75. In Europe, they performed in Holland, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and Spain.
They shared the stage at various times with Dr. Hook, Albert Hammond, and others. Highlights on U.S. tours include playing at Carnegie Hall in New York with Argent and Kiss, opening for Marvin Gaye at the Forum in Inglewood, California, sharing the bill with Parliament Funkadelic in Philadelphia, and playing with Steely Dan at the Convention Center in Las Vegas.
They also played with Graham Central Station at Howard University and the J. Geils Band and Tower of Power at other venues. Butch Rivella left Redbone in 1975 because he was unhappy with the business arrangement.

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As is usual at contract 's end, a double compilation album entitled "Come And Get Your Redbone" was released the following year, featuring only two cuts from their debut album and none from "Beaded Dreams", which is a shame as these contain both very great songs. There were  no previously unreleased tracks, and the sleeve art consisted only of alternative shots from the "Beaded Dreams" cover shoot and a crude reproduction of the "Redbone" gatefold.

In 1977 Redbone reappeared, minus Tony Bellamy and Butch Rillera, but with the addition of Aloisio Aguiar on keyboards and percussion, with a jazz-funk styled offering entitled "Cycles " on RCA featuring several long, disco-styled workouts that sought to exploit the late '70s dance craze.

"Lolly and I were in limbo," reflects Pat philosophically. "Then Linda Creed, who was a fan from Philadelphia who had written "Betcha By Golly Wow"  for the Stylistics and "The Greatest Love Of All " for Whitney Houston, signed with a West Coast company called Far Out Productions which was working with War. She said 'Look, I just signed a production deal with Far Out and I want you and Lolly to come and talk to them.' So we did and that's how we came to record Cycles."

"I kicked back for a couple of years," says Tony of this period. "It was hard, because it's difficult being a star one day and not the next. In the early '80s Butch and I put a 13-piece  band together called Bimbam. It was a phenomenal group: we had five horns and two guitar players, one of whom is now with Alabama, and on keyboards we had Paul Williams's producer and arranger David Garland. Butch and I sang lead vocals."

Meanwhile the Vegas brothers were still with Far Out. Although recorded in 1977, "Redbone Live", taped in Corpus Christi and Los Angeles while upporting War, did not emerge until 1994, when it appeared on Jerry Goldstein's Avenue Records via Rhino. Mixing hits from the classic period with funky up-tunes from "Cycles", it also featured an open-ended workout entitled "Far Out Party At Gazzarri's " with Aloisio Aguiar on keyboards and Eddie Summers on drums.


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